Aspiring author and random thinker

What The Hell Am I Talking About

Hello Everyone,

I already wrote two posts and it just came to my attention that I forgot to introduce this blog. Well Thinkinglazy is basically a non subject specific blog, I will (initially) be posting random entries about anything that comes in mind, based on your comments and views I might expand further in one of the topics or move on to a similar subject.

As for the author of this blog (me) I am just a random one of seven billion people here on Earth that happens to have the time and required resources (basically a computer and internet access) to post some random thoughts. I am not an expert at at most topics that I will discuss, don’t have any certificates or degrees regarding these issues. However, I do have a degree in psychology and am often described as a rather uniquely strange person, I completely disagree by the way.

I welcome all your comments regarding my posts.

Thank you all for reading.

PS: Any Chuck Norris jokes are welcome as long as they are not offensive to Chuck Norris.


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