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An Old Blog: It Talks About Killing Stress

This was written on Sunday 11 January 2009,

Today’s Topic, Stress. Many Urban dwellers suffer from constant medium leveled stress, on the long run this is very disruptive to this individuals productivity levels.

For the purpose of this blog, stress will be categorized into three levels, low, medium and high.

Low stress is experienced when someone is to be late for meeting a friend, medium is, say, when someone is late for a business meeting and high would be in a war zone.

If you are reading this blog it is highly doubted that you are in a war zone, and if so then you should be worried about saving your butt instead of reading this blog.

Anyway, most of you would occasionally have a medium level of stress, how to cope with it is not a strong point for most people, here are a few tips.

First of all you could try a shift in diet, some foods contain substances that increase stress levels on the long run, such as foods containing white sugar (It realizes that this is included in most of what you eat today), eliminating foods containing artificial sugars would on the long term reduce stress, but doing so would require some patience and will power, good friends can help too.

Exercising also reduces stress levels, an hour a day jogging should do the trick.

Meditation is helpful for those who can find a nice quite place to do so, it is not that difficult you just need to sit in a straight position on a comfortable plane and focus on your breathing while clearing your mind of everything else.

Hobbies are very effective, if you are really into it, the further it takes you from your environment the more effective it is, among the most effective stress releasing hobbies are surfing, skateboarding and diving.

Try a few of these techniques and you might find yourself less stressed, more productive and generally happier, good luck.


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