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An Old Post: At Last About The Purpose Of Life

This was written on Friday 16 January 2009,

Self Actualization is the highest and ultimate human need, according to Maslow and his hierarchy of needs, in order to reach it you need to have all your other needs accounted for, sustenance, shelter, security and social.

Why is It informing you of this you probably ask yourself.

The truth is that one way of explaining the purpose of life is using a humanitarian approach, we all need a reason.

When you start thinking abut the purpose of life then you probably have all your needs but for the final one accounted for, and this is when you start crossing the line between mortality and eternity.

Due to our feint vessels by which we carry ourselves in this physical world our bodies are destined to decay and perish, one can only reach immortality through his/her deeds.

So far mankind has proven to be best and destruction and anarchy, however, a new generation arises that seeks to fix the mistakes of their progenitors and if their basic needs are accounted for then they might needs to be self actualized and seek for the improvement of the world they populate and the world their children will populate.

This thread has been written in such a gapped way in order to inspire you to think more, think about what you want and how you want to be remembered, and know this, even though what you do in the present might seem insignificant for the future, you might be surprised by the proportions even the slightest act of improvement in the present can have in the future.

Now think for a while about this, good luck.


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