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An Old Post: Continuation On Social Darwinism

This was written on Tuesday 13 January 2009,

Good….Evil….both are concepts widely misused to be convenient for our purposes, think about it for a moment and you will realize that almost all the time the victors tend to be viewed as the “good guys” except for a few “glitches” such as Hannibal Barka from Carthage.

The truth is that both these concepts are nonexistent, such as time, they are creations by man to facilitate the explanation of other things.

Unlike time though, good and evil have been created to help us justify otherwise unjustifiable acts such as say killing, stealing and the such, when you come to think of it somehow Social Darwinism explains it in a more logical way, think of the individual and the group as one unit which differs only in size, eventually there will be confrontation and a sort of competition between different units over scarce resources such as land, food or water.

Because most people ignorantly believe in the notion that man is naturally “Good” they cannot come to terms with doing what is necessary to survive without somehow justifying it to themselves.

End of the day, good and evil are concepts that have been developed to the convenience of the social unit, there is no good, there is no evil….Think of history and try to view it without the notion of these misguiding concepts and see the true nature of man, man is only superior to animals in destructive power, good luck.


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