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An Old Post: It Talks About Reaching

This was written on Wednesday 14 January 2009,

Did you ever have a classmate, acquaintance or friend that is simply good at everything? Someone that looks good, is very social, intelligent, fit…simply good at everything.

These people are the envy of, basically, everyone. It will share the secret with you about how to be someone like that.

These are the steps you should follow:

  1. Work out as much as you can without disturbing your schedule, usually an hour or two everyday for 4-7 times a week
  2. Constantly work on improving yourself at everything, physically, spiritually and intellectually
  3. Constantly try to make new friends that keep you motivated and don’t drag you down
  4. Set challenging goals, not goals that you think anyone can do with little effort, but goals only a few can accomplish
  5. Learn something new everyday, a word, a proverb, a skill…anything would do
  6. Think before you act but not too much, in time you will learn the appropriate amount of thinking required or different tasks
  7. Set a philosophy that you don’t deviate from, such as “I will always do what I think is the right thing” or “I will always do what’s best for me”
  8. Find out your flaws, embrace them then try to improve them
  9. Look at things objectively rather than subjectively, it makes it much easier to take good decisions
  10. Pick a hobby that helps you relax
  11. Structure your day as much as possible and pick a healthy diet
  12. Work on your self-discipline until you have full control on your animalistic instincts

I know it seems a lot, but this is the first step towards a life too easy to imagine, follow this for a while and when its time to move on It will post a new set of steps to follow. Be patient and good luck.


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