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An Old Post: It Talks About Social Darwinism

This was written on Monday 12 January 2009,

Which is more important the individual or the group?

Throughout history this question has been debated countless times, directly (Machiavelli, Nietzsche, Plato) or indirectly (Gandhi, Hitler, Alexander the Great), entire cultures were based on the notion of the collective group or individual achievements, some say that history is made by the individual and others say it is a collaborative effort by a group of people.

That’s all nice to hear, read and see but leaves little explained, in order for It to properly address this question two hypothetical extreme societies will be introduced.

Let’s assume that there are two societies, one that relies on specialization of work (Everything from gathering food to building) and the other culture has individuals that provide themselves with all their basic needs, for ease of reference the first society will be called Gasists and the second Niets.

The Gasist society would have relatively improved productivity over their neighbors and a naturally close familial culture where there would be high morals and laws of conduct with little stress on individual achievement and more on the community advancement, there would be no significant difference between the strong and the weak and a relatively high population that is generally peaceful.

As for their not so noble kin, the Niet society would be filled with corruption and immorality where the strong flourish and the weak perish, there would be a high level of devotion to the individual’s improvement from every possible aspect, physically to protect oneself and intellectually to be able to deceive and avoid deception.

Naturally the latter would have a much lower population but stronger and generally better individuals.

Now it is easy to grasp the concept of the individual or the collectivity, which is better? On one hand a hostile race of survivors are molded and on the other hand a peace and caring race of group workers are borne.

Take a moment to think about which is best…. The truth is that neither is better then the other, it all depends on the circumstances and most importantly natural resources.

The harsher the living conditions the closer we come to rely on the law of natural selection, the thinner the line of what is right and wrong and the more the shades of grey.

Ideally one should focus on constant self-improvement in a prudent manner, every step is to be thought about diligently and a strong bound loyalty should be established among a chosen few where trust can prevail, after all, the whole is greater than the sum of the part, so increase the size of the parts and the harmony by which they function, good luck.


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