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An Old Post: The Human (An Egocentric Being)

This was written on Thursday 15 January 2009,

Have you ever noticed that you are much more egocentric than you would like to be? Well don’t beat yourself about it, everyone is like that.

Let’s think about improvement, bearing into consideration this hedonistic characteristic humans naturally inherit.

In order for you to continue to improve you would first need to acknowledge this trait of yours and see how it affects your decisions, understand it further, then you should observe this behavior in other people you socialize with, most of these people will be egocentric but not realize it and that is an unimpressive characteristic.

On the other hand, if you would be entirely altruistic and put others before you, you won’t get that far in life, missing opportunities for self improvement to help others, this is unadvisable, and it is simply not natural.

Its answer to this predicament is to embrace your nature and understand it, this applies to all of your seemingly darker traits, discover and acquaint yourself to your inner animal, but don’t let it take control, good luck.


One response to “An Old Post: The Human (An Egocentric Being)

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