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On Cats: What The Hell Are They Thinking

Like most of you, I am a cats fan, not only domesticated house cats, but also the big dangerous ones that make you feel so insignificant by just “looking at your direction”.

I remember the first time I saw a real life lion, it never seemed to look at me, it was always looking past me, as if I didn’t exist or was to insignificant to notice.

Cats, generally, tend to do that unless they want something from you, then all of a sudden they are all sweet and fluffy.

Sometimes I wounder who is whose pet, are cats our pets or are we theirs.

The cat that lives with me, I cannot consider them pets for obvious reasons, gets me to do stuff for him all the time, its like he trained me to follow its commands.

Almost every other day he wakes me up to open the door, or just cause he feels like playing and wants someone to play with, mostly just someone to scratch and bite.

I always wanted to get into a cats head for one day and know what the hell is going on in there, here is what I think comes into their minds often:

  • Look how dumb this person is
  • Wuss!
  • I’m not impressed
  • I’m still not impressed
  • Lets see how much scratching they can take before they run away
  • I’m too lazy to show you whose the boss
  • You’re not worth my attention
  • Not in your lifetime sunny, not in your lifetime
  • I think its naptime
  • You’re not the boss of me, its the other way around idiot!

It is not entirely far-fetched to assume that cats have big and old plans of word domination and are still diligently working on it.


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