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On Exercise: Shock Training

About a month ago I was discussing with a friend how he can break the plateau he was stuck in for a while, I suggested just crushing it for six days straight.

This might seem a little vague, but “crushing it” is the perfect terminology for the brutal exercise pattern I am about to describe, try it out and you will find it as accurate as the symmetry of the carpets in an obsessive compulsive person’s apartment.

For anyone that used to exercise hardcore and wants to reestablish the habit, or anyone that reached a plateau and wants to break it, I suggest trying shock training.

What I propose is simply maxing out your physical exercise potential, if you run for an hour, make it two, if you do 3 exercises per muscle group, make them 6, and so on.

What I personally do in this case is go over each and every single machine in the gym and keep my pace relatively quick, short breaks and in case I can’t lift the weights I started with then I lift lighter.

The point is to spend at least 4 hours in the gym and lift as much as a five year old girl by the end of the exercise.

You will feel nauseous, you will feel tired, you will feel desperate, but hang in there for six consecutive days.

What I tell you is extremely hardcore and old school, if you are not up for the task do not do it.

The exercises themselves are not important to focus on, this is NOT a long term routine, and it is not meant to make you look lean, or help you bulk-up.

Shock training is incredibly effective in making your body break its limits, it is incredibly difficult and by no means meant for the light hearted.

I know this is a radical approach to exercising, and I agree 100%, I always do things my way and train in unusual methods.

Good luck.


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