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On Happiness: A Short List Of Some Of The Things That Make Me Happy

Today I kept stumbling on posts and websites that had something negative as the main topic, racism, hate, war, disaster, violence and the list keeps going on and on, actually its never-ending.

After reading some articles, watching some videos, looking at some picture, I started to feel somewhat sad and disappointed, and decided to write a list of the things that make me happy or, at least, at ease.

The Sunrise:

Although I like both the sunrise and the sunset, there is something about watching daybreak that always make me feel amazed, it hits me every time.

To me, sunrise symbolizes a new beginning, whatever happened the other day is over and a new day comes, new chances and opportunities, and usually after having a bad day, the next seems sweeter.

I think it has something to do with the timing, because usually by then its quite, and I’m alone staring at this amazing moment with nothing to bother me.

Animal Interaction:

I always felt that animals had their own way of knowing things, don’t you find it strange that when your back from a bad day of work your cat or dog knows exactly what you need? (and give you the required appreciation).

Animals seem to have something lacking in most humans, at least sometimes, and this is unconditional positive regard, whatever happens, as long as you take care of an animal and treat it well, it will always make you feel wanted and appreciated, if not loved.


Most people like flowers and pay little attention to grass, but the truth is that grass and leaves are just as beautiful, they feel somewhat serene and just “out there” minding their own business, imagine people were more like grass, we’d then actually live in a peaceful world.

The serenity of grass has always amazed me, it just hangs in there with nothing to do and no where to go, it just stays, waits and grows if allowed to.


I read an article somewhere that male aggression levels reduce in the presence of newborns, this is 100% true as I always feel calm whenever I see a baby, its like they force you to want to take care of them (personally I just stay away to avoid the “awwww” moments, they give a non-masculine image).

I believe that its a defense mechanism that babes have, being so helpless the only way he/she can survive is by making others take care of them, truly a genius move.


When I do something good for someone in need, it always lifts my spirits, however, it has to involve sacrifice from my part, other than money, actual time and effort.

I tried to do one good thing a day for someone, but somehow I deviated from this path and forgot all about it, I think its time to reestablish the habit.

These are some of the things that make me happy, I really wish that one day I will be the kind of person that would stop to smell the flowers and, maybe, convince others to do so.

Have a happy week.


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