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On Business: Opening A Store

About two months ago I got with a friend from college and were talking about a business he wanted to start, basically he wanted to make a pawn shop here in Egypt, but it was clear that it would face ridiculous amounts of cultural and legal resistance.

The idea then developed to another similar business where the potential threats are far less and the investment minimal.

The whole idea was how to start a new business that could make it big with the least possible capital, both short-term and long-term.

“The Store” sells used items that are brought in by, basically, anyone that wants to get rid of their old stuff, we display the items and look for buyers.

The major threat that we are expecting to face is not properly exposing ourselves to our target market, since we are trying to minimize costs we have only a few alternatives to market ourselves.

We plan to market ourselves primarily by word of mouth and via internet social networks.

I will be updating you with the status of the store and any challenges we encounter, I will also post our decisions and solution regarding these situations.

“The Store” will open on next Sunday, 11 November 2011.


One response to “On Business: Opening A Store

  1. thinkinglazy December 6, 2011 at 1:53 pm

    Weekly posts about “The Store’ will be written to keep you updated, this should provide readers with a real-time case study regarding starting small businesses.


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