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On Games: How Important Are They

Games were always a part of my life, a huge chunk actually, the first game I really got into was gameboy’s Tetris, then I went to role-playing games, strategy games, first person shooter games, multi-player games, and finally MMO’s.

I remember that when I was young my parents thought that my poor grades were caused by my addiction to games, the truth is that I don’t have this addictive personality trait that would cause me to completely dedicate myself to a just one activity.

Later on when I got into college I went on fire in terms of my grades, and ironically, I was playing the most addictive game in gaming history, the famous World of Warcraft.

I was recently sent an e-mail from my sister talking about the negative effects of video games on users, and I realized that most of it was complete nonsense.

This lead me to research the topic further and compare the findings to my own behavior, the following I concluded. Video games do the following:

  • Greatly enhance your hand to eye coordination (first person shooters)
  • Increases problem solving skills (puzzle games)
  • Exposes to different cultures and enables indirect socialization (MMO’s)
  • Increases the bond between people (multi-player)
  • Reduces stress levels and hostility (when winning or enjoying the game)
  • Causes frustration if difficulty surpasses the gamer’s level
  • Builds resolve (by making you repeat the level over and over till beaten)

Personally, I’m usually not very competitive when it comes to games, however in some cases I do get incredibly competitive when facing someone close to my level, never when facing someone that clearly outperforms me.

Enjoy your games folks.



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