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On Nothing: A Random Online Conversation

Was checking my facebook messages and came across a conversation I had earlier this week with a friend.

Me: I tried to do the 5 exercises on a 5×5 schedule and found it to be incredibly difficult if you max out your weights, I’m going to split rows and deadlifts to be done separately and add some calisthenics to the mix. 11:59

Me: Lets give it a quick 5v5 game? 12:01

Joe: I’m in one, once I’m finished 12:01

Me: I was joking u oversized manatee, I’m at work 12:02

Joe: then get to work 12:02

Me: I’m done for the week, btw I bought a new character, I forgot to mention it before. 12:04

Me:  Joe Joe Joe 12:04

Joe: Darek 12:04

Me: Joe 12:04

Joe: What?  12:05

Me: Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe 12:15

Joe: stop bothering me 12:16

Me: Joe Joe Joe 12:19

Joe: find something to do 12:20

Me: Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe, i just did, Joe Joe 12:21

Me: Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe 12:21

Me: I want to tell u something u actually might find this interesting. 12:21

Joe: SHUT UP!!! 12:21

Me: kk, I won’t tell you, FLIPPAGE! 12:22

Joe: what tell me my god you’re like a virus! 12:23

And I never messaged him back, its been three days now and I think he is still wondering about what I wanted to say, of-course I have nothing to say, was just passing time at work.


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