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On Nothing: Another Random Online Conversation

So I was having yet another online conversation on facebook, before I you start reading this conversation there are two things you should know, first is that I just recently made a facebook account, and ever since I made my facebook I’ve been getting a butt-load of notifications.

A particular friend has OCC disorder (Obsessive Compulsive Commenting), he is addicted to commenting on sexy girls’ photos, even if he doesn’t know them, he can’t just like a pic, he has to write some incredibly lame comment with quite a few unnecessarily repeated letters.

This particular conversation went as follows:

Me: You horny slut, do you really have to comment on every single girl picture?

Recipient: Shit, do these comment appear on your screen ( I had no idea how he had no idea about this, considering he’s been using FB for over 4 years now), what is this shit privacy NOTE: this one only one Russian brunette

Me: What about ‘Name’ (I have no idea who she was, but I had her name pop up on my notification scree for no good reason, and she was blonde)

Recipient: WTF! why is it showing, I don’t appreciate FB showing my comments, anyway to hide this?

Me: You do realize that I’ve been using FB for about a month now, how the hell am I to know that?

Recipient: Cause you should know that kinda stuff

Me: And are you mentally handicapped to be exempted from such duty?

Recipient: I didn’t say that

Me: Do you even read what you type, or think about it?

Recipient: …. That’s not the point

Me: Anyway, I bet if you had the chance to comment on pictures of girls you don’t know you would do it

Recipient: I can’t comment on people that I don’t know because of the stupid privacy setting, and sure, if I can I would

Me: I swear you’re on a permanent high, I don’t think I can talk to you right now

And the conversation ended on that nice note, I don’t remember having any serious conversation with this guy, and I’ve known him for seven years now.


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