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On Business: The Store

When we first started planning “The Store” we went by the book, whatever we learned in college we applied. We started with a formal proposal and brainstorming sessions, we went with everything we learned but there was one problem, we were applying systematic processes to an unsystematic procedure.

The books certainly provided us with direction, but they limited our view, you can not learn to think outside the box if you’re thinking process is guided. Bit by bit we started identifying different opportunities that few people might have though of applying in a business manner.

Eventually a very well thought of plan and method was written in an organized manner, however, when it came to implementation, we had to improvise and slightly deviate from the original plan.

The major difference happened in the planed and actual marketing strategy, we had a marketing campaign regarding a mascot that was supposed to include a set of videos and photos to be spread via several common social networks, this plan was slightly delayed and, at this point, has a small chance of being completely abandoned, the decision has not been made yet.

The end result was about 90% close to the estimated outcome, with the major difference being in the marketing plan and estimated budget, eventually “The Store” ended up being what we expected it to be.


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