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On Business: The Store Month One

It’s been a month now since we started renovating the store, and the opening has been delayed a couple of weeks, but were oficially operating today. We originally planned a month to be spent for renovation, but hoped for less.

The marketing plan has reduced to social networks, the video campaign has been slightly delayed due to financial and time constraints, we decided that the limited resources we have are better spent on direct influencers to “The Store” instead of indirect ones, although I think that a large markeing campaign would do us good, we still need to get the hang of it before we expose ourselves to a larger customer-base. This decision was made to help preserve a certain image we hope to convey, and gaining experiance prior to such exposure would only benifit this objective.

We keep running into potential competitors, but after further research we notice their specialized base that we cannot compete with, we have the advantage of not being limited to any types of products.

So far we are ahead of schedule, but behind expectations, the plan was based on a worst case scenario and our expectaions were optimistic, so as a guess I’d say were doing ‘alright’, bearing in mind that we started from scratch.


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