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On Business: The Store Making Money

We launched about 10 days ago, so far things are going better then expected, with proper social media use.

In the reselling business, proper awareness raising is critical, since we have no direct formal competitors we require no marketing campaign yet.

We are trying to minimize the costs at this point, and peripheral activities that show no direct perceived increase in profits have been avoided.

A proper need has been identified and due to the low profit margin in this market, it is unlikely to face any direct competition soon, regardless of this estimation, we should be prepared.

I realized that I did not spend enough time thinking of a mission statement for the store, however, I have a general idea of what I want it to, eventually, be.

The following points are simplified objectives I seek to apply:

  • Generate enough money to be able to cover expenses and grow
  • Provide a solution to a current problem
  • Help the world recycle
  • Fill a gap in the market
  • Give chances to people starting their lives, an opportunity to gain experience and to develop

I will be using these points as a reference to come-up with an official mission statement.


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