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On Life: Meaning!

A question that often comes up to people in different stages of life is ‘why?’, it first starts as a specific question about a certain concrete action, then slowly moves to more abstract topics, and eventually it matures to be the mother of all questions, ‘whats the purpose of life?’.

Personally I spent a great deal of time reading philosophy and science, usually for answers to more direct questions, but it always leads to the same question.

Most religions address this issue as a test, life is a test for our destiny after death, we are trialed and judged for our actions in life once we die, and that purpose is the easiest to accept, for most people.

It is difficult to imagine something we cannot relate to, death is truly a mystery to any living person, due to our entire though process being based on physical existence and material gains/losses.

But faith never stops us from thinking, although the religious explanation seems tempting to accept and believe in, it is not enough to make me stop thinking about this deceivingly simple question.

I prefer to think that there is a very clear purpose for our existence, and this purpose is unknown, it is the ‘x’ for an incredibly complex mathematical equation with a multitude of unknown variables, the undetermined gender of a growing pair of cells, the ‘secret’ ingredient in a miraculous stew.

There is a purpose for life, and it’s probably a rather silly purpose that we are unlikely to know, but maybe later generations will figure it out, all we have to do is make sure that the road for them is paved, and that the world is preserved to enable them to go on and thrive.

In short, my purpose in life is to contribute to the betterment of the world as much as I can, so that coming generations can do as such and have enough time to spend on gaining more knowledge.


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