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On Humans: The Animal Nature

Did you ever wounder why this world is full of hate and war? Well the hate I cannot say that I will mention, but the wars, well we make war just for the same reasons animals attack each others, conflicting needs, both on a short-term and long-term bases.

I was watching National Geographic the other day and a show about lions was on, one of the scenes had a couple of male lions fighting over territory, the victor got to keep the pride and be their dominant male (or whatever terminology applies to felines), apparently lions cannot survive for long by themselves, and the chances of survival for the outcast male was very slim.

Another show had a scene where a panther and an anaconda met, they seemed to just stumble upon each other. In most cases where animal just cross paths nothing interesting really happens, however, this wasn’t on of those ‘most cases’, the panther and the anaconda had a fight, and eventually the panther managed to kill the giant snake and left its carcass to rot (not taking a single bite).

Finally, when bears and wolves come across one another, they try to kill each other, unless the pack or bear decides to flee or that the risk of injury is too great and the fight is not worth potentially sustaining such injuries.

By now you probably are wondering what the hell am I ranting about, the truth is that all these scenarios are caused by the exact same reason, need. Most animals have one or two basic needs, food and shelter, humans, on the other hand, have other needs that seem less necessary, but are equally important.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs classify human needs into seven needs, basic, security, social, esteem,  and self-actualization. In this pyramid, the first need must be satisfied for the second to exist and so on, notice that, in essence, no need is more important that the other once its satisfied.

Unlike animals, our needs range far more then food, water and territory, some of us want wealth, power or any other abstract and seemingly irrelevant wants (although they are needs). Basically, this supports my belief that regardless of all our cognitive development, we are still animals and have a lot to learn about being civil.

Do not forget that we are only humans and are prone to mistakes, the true shameful and unforgivable act is to forget our nature and stop thinking of ways to improve ourselves while embracing our nature.


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