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On: Business

Well my day is half finished, so far I’ve been browsing the internet and thinking of ways to accelerate the process of starting my own business, well to be honest being your own boss, and the boss of others, is wonderful.

Currently all is awaiting on finding a suitable place to rent, however, I should be meeting with the owner of a potential store/office space today or during the weekend, still awaiting confirmation.

While I wait I try to think of certain activities we can add to the business as well as a well formulated marketing plan to further increase our online presence as well as raise awareness to the general public (in my city) about what we do.

We are currently in the market research phase and moving to actually starting a business within the end of the month (hopefully), if you are interested here is our facebook page link and the link to our website.

PS: so far all has been a preliminary market research sort of thing while we implement our activities to be able to properly estimate the return on investment, the website will be completely changed as we hired a professional to make a proper one, the previous website was constructed by my partner and I, and we are not professionals so its not a good one.

If you have any comments or ideas you wanna tell me just post them here or message me.

Thank you and have a great day/evening.


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