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On Writing: How it Started

My first writing post will be on how it started, err second if you’re going to be anal about technicality.

It all started a year ago, when I was just finished with my military service. During the two month period where I was looking for a job, I decided to write down some of my ideas. Two books were started, neither exceeded 6k words and they were both ignored for about a year.

On November 5th 2012, I was clearing my computer from unnecessary files. During the file purge, I came across a word document titled ‘Altivia’ and another “Essential Experiences to a Well Grown Human Being’. The first was a fantasy fiction story intended to target my creativity, and the second was a philosophical/psychological piece – the uncreative name explains it perfectly. 

Naturally, upon their discovery my inquisitive nature took over. I started reading the document titled ;Altivia’ and got into the short, incomplete and poorly written story. So I decided to build on it. By the end of the month, I expanded the first 5,000 words into about 20,000 and added another 60,000 words. The first draft of my first novel was written, and I was very proud.

With no background on writing or no idea on how to start the process, I managed to finish a story in written form. After the first draft, it was necessary for me to look into the following steps, so I started doing my research.

First thing I did was print out the story and give it to my brother to read, he is a vivid reader and quick to criticize me – perfect for the task. He completed the book within a week and gave me some initial comments which I used to make the second draft.

Currently, I am in a phase where the book needs to marinate by itself away from my peering eyes and intrusive thoughts – a necessary process for the third and final draft I intend to make.

My suggestion for any who seek to start writing as a hobby is just to dig into it, start writing as soon as you feel like it and take it from there. The first novel is practice, you should be able to identify your weaknesses from it, as well as starting to discover the perfect writing process for you.

Good luck writers.


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