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On Writing: Pushing Vs. Letting

As you know, I have been busy these past few days and have not gotten the chance to write as much. However, I attempted to write a bit after work, but my mind set was not really into it. Today I read a few chapters that I wrote and realized that whenever I let the ideas come naturally, the writing is rather good. On the other hand, when I push to meet a minimum number of words or try to force out a chapter, the writing diminishes in value.

Will try to work on a way to naturally support my writing and put me in the mood – perhaps I will use some behavioral psychology techniques.


2 responses to “On Writing: Pushing Vs. Letting

  1. bwfoster78 December 12, 2012 at 4:54 pm

    Hmmm. Are you assuming a causality here?

    Is your writing better when it flows because flowing produces better writing or is your writing flowing because it’s better? Regardless, I refer to the old saw, “a writer who waits for inspiration usually ends up in desperation.” Sometimes, you have to push through the rough patches to get to the other side.


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