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A little of my world

I just noticed that I have been writing on my writing process without writing on what I wrote about. In other words, I have not summarized the world which I am striving to create.

My attempt to start writing fantasy started about two years ago when I had just finished my military service, during the time when I was looking for a job. After getting employed, I suddenly stopped writing and started to invest my time in a business a friend and I had planned. Between my full-time job and my personal project, I had forgotten all about the two books that have been marinating on my hard drive.

About five months ago or so, I came across the files and started reading them. After sending them to a few friends to review, I got some comments and decided to work on it further (back then I had written about 5k words). My research and spare time from quitting my job drove me to go on with the writing, although I never thought that I would ever finish the story.

As you see, I get side-tracked easily when discussing a topic. Now the first volume is complete, with a word count of over 115,000, and awaiting an editor to review before being sent out to publishers.

I originally intended to blend different mythical stories, heroes and creature into one world. Having noticed the similarities in many myths across different cultures, the idea of unifying these similar myths into one coherent story appealed to my recently-awakened artistic side. Anyway, a world I called Altivia was born from these circumstances, but then changed to Nosgard.

The first story is set in a fantasy continent which had attracted different races throughout the ages. The story follows a boy which had been born with certain gifts that made him appear as a threat to the authority monopolists. As the young man’s destiny leads him to one disaster after another, he became stronger and more threatening to the rulers. Eventually he becomes a symbol of freedom to the oppressed, and they follow him in a quest to free themselves.

From mighty dragons to fallen elves, the land is filled with different creatures and heroes that fight along and against one another. Different kingdoms and factions who once fought against one another eventually band together to face an enemy which threatens to wipe all civilization on the continent.

The story was intended to be one of pure fantasy and completely unrelated to any real-life events. However, after completing the novel and reading it, I saw how much it was influenced by the recent events that I had just experienced. I read in this story what my eyes saw and my heart longed for. I really hope that this book would be adopted by a publisher so that I can learn about myself through the reaction of others.

I really wish that everyone out there gets a chance to see themselves through the thoughts of their subconscious as I did.


2 responses to “A little of my world

  1. indytony February 6, 2013 at 1:12 am

    I appreciate you sharing some of your writing experience. Your story certainly seems compelling. I wish you the best in your publishing venture.


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