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On Writing: Reading vs. Writing

Because writing had never been an important activity in my life prior to my epiphany about half a year ago, I never considered putting an active effort in reading. However, I have come to regret this as of lately and decided to make amends. In addition to writing no less than 1,000 words a day, I decided to read no less than 100 pages a day (starting with 200 pages for the first week to see if it is possible).

My efforts proved successful for the past three days (including this one) and I already feel that the impact on the way I think while I prepare a chapter or write a little. Nevertheless, I do believe that if I read poorly written books, the style might rub off and negatively affect me.

I also came upon this website which gave me a hell of a motivational boost by helping me keep track of the books I read and the books I am currently reading – This website also suggests books based on your rating for the ones which you have read.


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