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On Writing: Sample Character Concept

While researching the writing process for fantasy books, I came across an uncountable number of opinions. As I have previously posted, the third story I am working on focuses on the characters rather than the world or events. To match my personal goals for the book, I prepared a detailed dramatis personae prior to the story. Here is one of the 10+ characters I developed before the writing started.

PS: the terminology might be confusing regarding certain concepts which I never explained before. If there is anything that sparks your interest leave a comment and I will reply once I see it.



Having long black hair and a long black beard, Ninazu’s features were difficult to tell other than his tanned skin tone and his pitch black eyes. He was roughly fifty years when he commenced his journey to Utyirth along with his comrades.

Fighting Capabilities

Ninazu trained in the fighting arts of inflicting any wound in order to allow his poisons to enter the bloodstream of his enemies. He used a projectile weapon mounted on his right arm to shoot poisoned needles at his foes during combat. Daggers and a short sword were his preferred weapons of choice when fighting at a close range. Additionally to his eccentric weaponry, Ninazu often made explosives that dispersed his poisons in the air and used them during combat.

Individual fighting capability        3                                              Group fighting capability               8


The two skills where Ninazu shined at were healing and poisoning. He was capable of making strong healing salves as well as poisons and their antidotes. Ninazu always made sure to have the antidote to the poisons he made before using them to inflict their pain upon his enemy.

Being an expert at understanding how the human body functions, Ninazu managed to condition his own body to be immune to most poisons and highly resistant to disease.


He was a rather dark figure shrouded in negativity and pessimism, which made people fear and avoid him. If not for his unusual talents, Ninazu would have not been capable of joining Lyra’s Ona. Although he was a grim individual, he cared deeply for his comrades without openly admitting it.















Arriving from the hostile continent of Tur, Ninazu and his tribe roamed the continent as nomads. Their travels allowed them to be exposed to numerous herbs and concoctions made by others they met in towns, cities or on the road. He took advantage of this opportunity to study the effect of herbs, plants and potions on people. Eventually, he became a well self-studied botanist which surpassed most others. Any chances to test his discoveries were welcomed by his people as well as him. Most of his test subjects were prisoners captured by his people.

After the arrival of the Council and the founding of the Peacekeeper Core, Ninazu and his tribe found it difficult to resume their life-style and attempted to hide in a safe and hidden location. During their search, they came across a Peacekeeper patrol and were attacked. Ninazu was knocked unconscious during the fight and woke up to find himself the sole survivor of his people.

Without anyone to search for him, he became an untargeted man and was free to do as he pleased yet again. Ninazu offered his services to various crime lords in Gallecia as a master poison-maker. His success and built name in the underground world made him a target to the local authorities. After nearly escaping from Gallecia, one of his associates informed the local authorities about his attempted escape.

Once captured, Ninazu was sentenced to exile in Partha where he met Thane the former Peacekeeper Commander. Thane took an interest in Ninazu’s skills and used him to tend to his wounded and ill followers. Once Servak’s Demigod declaration was made and the second civil war started, Thane recommended his services to Lyra and was admitted in her personal unit.


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