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On Exercise: Goals

Ever since I can remember (not that long ago), exercise has been an integral part of my life and definition as a human being. However, lately I stopped exercising regularly or as regularly as I used to. Following a strict power-lifter routine for six months made me gain a tremendous amount of weight as I buffed up, but it also had its disadvantages. My food intake had increased significantly as I have put on more than 15 Kg. I also sustained a minor back injury from doing barbell rows in the wrong for (not doing those anymore). Two months ago I decided to take a short break for few weeks to recover completely, and I did. After winter kicked in here – yes, it comes a little late – I found my motivational levels dropping to the ground. Additionally, I started writing and reading a great deal and my getting busy with work, which conveniently started flaring up.

Anyway, today I woke up and I realized for the first time that I simply cannot to to the gym. It is a foreign feeling to me, one which I had never experienced before. After giving it a little though, I realized that I had not been setting an exercising goals since I finished this power-lifting routine and it caused me to procrastinate. Being swarmed with work or an exciting hobby is no reason to put opp exercising neither is it useful for increasing one’s productivity. Unless you set clear goals regarding exercising, your motivational levels will keep dwindling until they are left no more.


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