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On Business: Competition

Ever since we started ‘The Store’, we had no real competitors to threaten a loss of clientele or potential clients. We had nothing to rush us into the market or motivate us to work faster or harder. Now, however, things have changed a great deal.

Since the past month, a huge foreign business decided to penetrate the Egyptian market with an aggressive marketing campaign. This company is a giant which we cannot compete with. Hopefully, the situation will end up with us as it did with *David.

Instead of focusing on how we can be metaphorically sodomized by this new threat, we decided on thinking positively and using this new threat to our advantage. From the emergence of this competitor we can deduce the following:

There is a need in our market, since the competition branched into it

We work far better when competing with others, our efforts increased ever since we have been made aware of the situation

The triad of partners does not weaken by threats, our communication and motivation got accelerated by the existence of threat

It will be easier to find potential buyers or funders for the project, since we have a giant to compare ourselves to in terms of service

I hope that other small business founders would not be discouraged by the emergence of a strong competitor. Whenever facing such an overwhelming mind-numbing experience, take a day off and clear your mind.


*From David and Goliath.


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