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On Writing: First Work

It has been some time since I returned to reviewing my first written work, and I realize how drastically different it is to the one I am currently working on – the second volume.

As I was deciding how to address this issue, I came up with two alternatives: (1) editing it or (2) rewriting it. I have just decided to go with the latter.

The first thing I need to do is complete the second volume and make myself well acquainted with its events so that it would not contradict with that of the first – about 2/3 into it. Then I will decide on which chapters to include in the second written version of the first story. Once the chapters have been decided on, I will be drafting a general outline which would gradually develop its complicity until it becomes the book itself – a technique which I thought of and grown curious about.

Although I find myself swarmed with a new demanding and unpaying task, I cannot help but smile whenever my mind dwells on the struggles which await me.


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