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On Life: Halted

I have not been able to write my min 1,000 words a day for the past 4 days due to my laptop’s decision to breakdown. It is natural to expect such inconveniences in life once in a while. This, along with a streak of other inconveniences, made me remember a saying one of my professors used to say: ‘When it goes wrong, it goes wrong.’

In other words, sometimes things got wrong and there is nothing you can do about it, and no contingency plan would save you regardless of how meticulous and flawless it had been prepared.

Anyway, I managed to personally disassemble my laptop and look into the situation more thoroughly, something which I enjoy doing a great deal, and located the issue which was easily addressed thereafter.

This experience made me realize a few things about myself, and the path which I chose for my life so far. However, one thing stood out above all others: how productive it is for one to start working/producing immediately after waking up.

Being free from time constraints set by others, I slowly allowed my day to start later and later, until it started at two in the afternoon. Nevertheless, although it seems like a nice way to live, it is a rather unfavorable one which dramatically reduces the amount of things you can accomplish per day.

I still don’t understand why I, and most other people, am more productive when I start my day early, in spite of being awake for the same number of hours, but this seems to be the case.


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