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On Motivation: Nature

I just came back from traveling yesterday and found myself filled with motivation this morning. It seems that taking a break every once in a while from your normal lifestyle is definitely one of the best ways to motivate yourself and get back on track.

However, I did notice that the major spike in my “wanting to do something”ness came as I took a nice long walk (7 hours long) in a natural forest that had been made into a park. The is something about the singing of birds and the breezing of air that soothes the soul, not that I usually believe in that.

Due to the nature of our societal lives, I believe that the humans of future generations might not be capable of experiencing nature as we can, what a pity.

I guess all I wanted to say is that the best way to deal with writer’s block, returning to exercising, or any other motivation-caused disruptance, is to take a nice long walk amidst nature. This really works, but I have no idea how long the effect will last yet.


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