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On Writing: Discover Yourself

I have written before about the writing process of my first two books. If you are looking for a professional published writer’s viewpoint, then don’t waste your time reading this. However, if you are interested in a personal journey of an amateur writer discovering his inner-talent, or lack of it, then you’re in the right place.

I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about writing, and I am about to continue spending another significant portion of my time while I take a nice long walk in a few minutes, specifically, figuring out the method that best suits me. I have written with and without an outline and personally experienced the pros and cons of both methods. Nevertheless, so far I realized that both are important for a good piece of literature – in comparison to my own personal standards.

What worked best for me was the preparation of detailed outlines in terms of characters (dramatis personae) and preparing a loose outline for the events of the story. I also started preparing my outlines in modules consisting of five chapters each and found that it provides enough cohesion and minimizes the boxing-in phenomenon known as writer’s block.

During my personal voyage I have discovered something wonderful that continues to amaze me to this day. I noticed that if you write without any preorganization, you tend to open a portal in your words that lead directly to your innermost self. To simplify this, during the revision process of my first book, I realized how my surroundings and desires affected various elements of the book, including characters, plots and ideas.

I suggest that you try to write a story, even a short one, without any preparation at least once to get to know your inner-writer on a more personal level. It might not be your best work though, but it will sure enlighten you about yourself.

Here is the link to the post I published a while ago about my method of preparing a dramatis personae for a fantasy book. Some elements were ignored though because they were unnecessary.


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