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On Writing: So My Shortie Flopped

I received a rejection email from a magazine I submitted a short story to. This was possibly the first time I was glad that my work has been rejected, for now I can share it here with no worries. It is my first attempt at a (very) short sci-fi story. This one is about time-travel.



The year was 2563 SE when the chronocyst Lerus Avilion tried out his first trial for the new alpha 27 chronomachine, a device that was capable of collecting live biological samples from times long lost.

While Dr. Avilion tweaked the machine which now harbored an ancient held in a frozen state, known as cryostasis, his colleague from the Space Academy of Advanced Sciences walked in during his lunch break.

‘Who is that?’ producing a food stick from one of his white lab coats, the man asked.

‘Test subject one,’ Dr. Avilion responded.

‘So that is what an ancient looks like,’ the man took a bite from his preserved meal. ‘It is rather strange to see a human with this amount of facial hair.’

‘Back then, they lived in primitive societies which were not yet introduced to the concepts of genetic manipulation. I don’t think that they even realized how unhygienic hair was and never bothered looking for a way to remove it.’

‘This guy is in pretty bad shape.’

‘You should have seen him when we first switched that corpse with him. He had steel nails embedded in his hands and feet with an abundance of other shallow injuries.’

‘Did you manage to find a solution to that biological requirement issue?’

‘The basic law of chronology states that “an object of equal mass and size is necessary for a successful switch”. The entire field relies on this trade-like concept.’

‘So you still used a corpse from the morgue to substitute with this ancient.’

‘Yes, but the chronomachine malfunctioned after being strained by the process of healing the man, and it was forced to re-switch the ancient back after three days. Fortunately, I was able to fix it within the same day and return the ancient to our timeline.’

‘How did you manage to locate this man, anyway?’ before returning to his students, the man asked.

‘I dug in the academy’s library for the oldest book and found one written by a man called John about some ancient story. Luckily, within the last moments of his life, the protagonist was embedded with steel rods which were a great conductor of chronoctricity that made it possible for such a distant chronolock’ Dr. Avilion paused for a moment then, based on an unexplainable urge, added, ‘and the man was referred to as the son of God.’



3 responses to “On Writing: So My Shortie Flopped

  1. E.F.Lake June 18, 2013 at 11:43 am

    I really enjoyed your rejected short story, will check out Amazon on Friday 🙂


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