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On Writing: Chapter Length

I often find myself trying to jam in more words per chapter/chapter section when they fall under a certain amount of words. This, of course, is a remarkably silly thing to do. The source of this habit remains a mystery to me, yet I find myself often tempted to ignore it.

Part of the problem, I believe, is caused by my module-type writing where I try to make each chapter hold some sort of independent message or meaning. After reading a fair amount of short stories during a short period of time, it came to my realization that short stories had some sort of appeal due to their quick message delivery nature. In one of the many attempts of finding a suitable writing process for me, I tried to create a story by combining many related short stories together. This experiment resulted in the Book of Kayal: Hands of Fate, my third written book and first to independently publish.

The truth is that, like most other issues or situations I faced, there is no one right way of doing things. Perhaps having chapters close in length to one another would yield some sort of positive outcome due to a mysterious psychological process.


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