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On Writing: Perspectives and Scopes

My first attempt at writing a novel had a bunch of elements which made it extremely difficult for me to patch up. It is not a well written book nor does it have a Golden Idea, but it has enough content to write an entire series about.

There were two big mistakes which I did and failed to learn from at the time, but at the moment, considering my journey so far, I am glad that I have made them – this way I can reflect back on the experience and learn from it instead of guessing what its like.

Errors are inescapable, and mine were many and will continue to be so for a long time. I attempted to juggle a story between no less than five perspectives which crisscrossed together throughout the story. Needless to say, it was a feat too advanced for my baby skills. In addition to having confused the hell out of me when trying to time the events of each character so that it would make sense for them to meet, I had to write a story for each character. The content was immense for a new writer as it is, although I only managed to squeeze about 120,000 words in, considering that a new world had to be created and its rules set.

The second fault was the scope. Epic fantasies have to have epic scopes. At first, and without any research regarding this hobby I had just picked, I thought that writing would be easy as long as my imagination was working. Writing, however, ended up being far less about imagination than about logical deduction and expression. If you cannot express a plot which would lead to a logical conclusion, regardless of genre, then you fail as a writer, or at least perform poorly.

My suggestion to any aspiring authors, or simply someone interested in writing novels, is to avoid writing from more than one perspective until you have acquainted yourself with writing a little more. I would not be so bold as to set the bar at writing 1,000,000 words, considering that I myself am not doing that, but perhaps after writing at least one novel. Although, if you try it and avoid getting quitting due to disappointment of your work, it would surely teach you something, if not initially then later.

I am proud of my first book, unpublished as it will always remain, because it marked a huge step towards my learning of this new craft. I can safely say that without it, I would be less than what I am now.


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