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On Writing: Weakness Detected

It has been nine days since my book was released and I got no complete reviews yet. However, I got a few reviews so far which were conclusive about one thing, I need to learn how to write better, grammar and all. The writing is too formal for literature and unpolished, perhaps something which could be improved by a good editor. Conversations feel unnatural, something which I could get away with considering the genre I write.

Fortunately, my weaknesses can be improved, considering I am willing to dedicate time and effort to make it so. Having creativity makes the learning process bearable, if not enjoyable, because at least I get to do something I am excited about. So far I have been writing and reading a lot, but I have not yet come to study the craft. I will be conducting some research about books/tutorials/lectures to help improve my weak points and let you know about them.


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