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On Writing: Surprisingly Common Issues

AS you know I have been reading and writing a lot lately. When you write, the way you perceive books, regardless of the genre you read, changes. This made me appreciate good books more and dislike bad ones even more.

I found four elements that repeatedly repeat themselves in well-known books, occasionally best sellers too.

  • The objective of the book is not clear. You read without knowing what is the point
  • Characters do not change. Books are supposed to take elements you know and are habituated to and put them into a different setting. If if character in a book is too ‘unhumanized’, then it fails to fulfill its intended role. People change as they grow and gain experiences, people in books should too
  • The objective of the book remains unclear once it is finished and you start asking yourself what did I just read and why
  • This last point is a matter of opinion. I expect to learn something from every book I read, and when I don’t it bothers me. Many books leave their readers with nothing more once they finish it – like this post which abruptly ends.

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