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On Writing: Book III Part I…Seiko

Today I ended the first part of my current work in progress – Preliminary name Deliverance – at a total of 27k words. This is the first draft so it would probably change once reviewed and changed even more once edited. There is one interesting phenomenon I would like to talk to however, regarding an interesting deviation from the outline.

As you know, I started writing in a modular outline method – a method by which I combine both outline and discovery writing techniques to some extent – and found that it resolves many issues I encountered. While writing this part, my method remained unchanged from the last part of the last book, ‘Book of Kayal: Hands of Fate‘. However, yesterday I took it upon myself to change the usual setting where I write. Instead of writing at home, I went to a coffee shop and sat for a decent amount of time, immersing myself in the book. My writing pace suffered recently and I found that this little change brought about a lot of creativity and motivation. Suddenly, my fingers started going berserk and the words flew onto my screen. By the end of two hours, I had 4k words smashed over there.

The chapter outline was followed for the first two sub-chapters as it flowed smoothly with the story, but the remaining five I had prepared were a little repetitive and boring. It took me two sips of green tea to get an innovative way of improving the plot. I replaced the third through the sixth with a different set of situations, which I like even after rereading them today, and tailored the same ending I had in mind to the replaced outline. The result was beautiful. Not only did I finish the part ahead of schedule, but I improved it as well.

Based on my experience, I would suggest you stay-at-home-writers to try changing the scene every once and a while.


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