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On Writing: Major Deviations

So I have been working on the next book in my series ‘Book of Kayal’ and reached 40k words so far. Again a modulated outline method is being used, but I started deviating from it more than usual to the extent that the major plot became affected. There is no way of knowing if this is a positive or negative change before the whole story is completed.

At the moment I am experimenting with having two different protagonists to cover a wider scope and more complete perspective of the story. Perhaps that is the major reason the outline has proven to be difficult to follow.

However, during the past few weeks it has come to my attention how important it is for fantasy authors to have a strong history background, because it makes it easier to delve into intricate worlds that logically adhere to the possibilities set by the author. I personally recommend aspiring fantasy authors to read about history.


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