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On Writing: Interesting Discovery

Lately I have been traveling a lot and practically delegated all of my work to the partners. This made my schedule a little too…strange. My day has been practically flipped, since it is completely in my hands. Basically, there was no order whatsoever to my sleep schedule and time-management has bee a wreck due to all the different places, times and procedures that adhere to no specific schedule. Some days I slept for 2 hours, others for 9. Waking up ranged from 5 am to 3 pm, not taking the fact that I spent half of this month in Turkey where the work schedule is completely different than what I am used to, and a mere hour between both times.

Today, I woke up at around 6 am and felt an urge to read and write – I always read before writing for some mysterious reason, or write after reading – and picked up ‘The Lord of the Flies’, which entertained me more than I expected, then decided to write in the balcony, for a change.

My balcony has a spectacular 180 degrees view which is made possible by being completely enclosed in glass. Needless to say, it is a fairly spectacular view which, unfortunately, I have been used to. However, today was different. As soon as I comfortably seated myself on the couch which I rarely make contact with, the words suddenly popped in my head and into my typing peripherals – I used this term just in case there are any alien readers with tentacles instead of fingers. A mere hour later, I found myself sitting on 2k words and still wanting to write. This was the first time in two weeks that my writing flowed smoothly.

I personally attribute this discovery to one simple factor, sun. I know it gets annoying when the light is reflected from the screen and it becomes difficult to read whatever is written on this recent piece of technology. The heat is also a factor which requires addressing via a fan or air conditioner. Nevertheless, if you experience writers block or simply feel demotivated, I suggest you try taking your craft to a comfortable sun-touched place.


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