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On Writing: Endless Fantasy

I have been spending a lot of time lately thinking about things related to the ‘Book of Kayal’ realm which caused me to somewhat neglect my writing routine.

Cartography was the first thing to demand my attention and deviate it away from writing, that and other design related things which I am fairly lacking in. The reason I have been so consumed by design to the extent that it affected my writing is not due to the time-demanding nature of the act, but due to my lack of experience. Thus I had to spend a significant portion of time learning about graphic design and improving my weak adobe photoshop and illustrator skills – I managed to create a map which satisfies my needs so far.

I thought that the deviation would stop at design, perhaps go a little further then map-making and into design of objects such as weapons, towns, buildings, contraptions…etc. However, me being a natural imbecile in the creative arts, this would take me an enormous and impractical amount of time to reach adequate levels where acceptable work is produced. For a while, since the research phase of ‘Hands of Fate‘ – a book which I have released on Amazon kindle without first editing at a cheap cost to be increased once an edited version replaces it – I have been contemplating the writing of songs and poems to include in future books. Needless to say, this is an incredibly difficult task for someone with neither a natural affinity for this sort of thing or a native English speaker. Today, however, the idea of writing songs haunted my thoughts ever since I woke up and I am currently working on a tune that is catchy and relevant to the story somehow.

I guess this post, like most of my posts, has been nothing more than a bunch of unrelated and haphazard thoughts being puked on a white screen with an internet address ending with ‘=post’. There is one thing that I would like to convey about my experience about writing fantasy so far: there is no end to the amount of things that would help your writing should you learn them, and no end to your hunger for knowledge and improvement should you immerse yourself in this, truly, remarkable hobby.


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