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On Writing: Outline Disadvantage Discovered

So I realized that outlines work perfectly when there is a short time-span between preparing them and writing the story. However, their disadvantages are truly revealed once a little time passes. Personally, one of the biggest challenges I have to face is to keep writing everyday. Writer’s block is not such a problematic issue for me as much as motivation is. Though it seems that outlining has a profound positive impact on my stories, they are somewhat opposed to my natural tendencies.

The modular outlining method was a great way of overcoming the motivation issue, yet it also take a lot of time and has the same advantages if the actual writing process is delayed, as has been the case lately with my busy schedule.

Anyway, I have just finished the second part of my current project titled and am about to start preparing the outline for the following part, with a little less detail this time to make more room for writing.


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