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On Writing: Problem Identified

The book I am currently working on has, so far, taken the longest time to finish. Ever since I started writing, I have been rather free to manage my time as I wished, but it has become exceedingly difficult as my schedule became busier.

I finally found out the reason behind my lack of motivation to complete this book, and have known if for quite some time yet never realized it fully until today. Time is the only problem, not the lack of it, rather the length of it. To make things clearer, the one condition required to maintain the excitement for a new project is for the project to remain, indeed, new. And when enough time passes, which varies across authors, this excitement, in form of motivation, wears off.

Today I spent my time thinking about a new and completely independent science fiction story that I want to write, something that I have not considered ever since I started writing ‘Book of Kayal’ series. I usually think of new ideas to incorporate in different books for this particular series, which gives me some sort of motivation to complete the current project I am working on. Thinking about a completely independent book, however, has proven to be more of a hindrance then I thought. I need to find a way to write faster or think slower.



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