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On Writing: Overflooding Ideas

I have no idea what has been going on differently in my life lately, actually I do have quite an idea, but recently an overwhelming amount of new story concepts keep popping in my head like a fizz in a soda can, one that never goes flat.

Normally I would be happy with this, but I simply can’t keep up with my writing. It has grown far worse than the previous post. I am barely thinking about my current work-in-progress and still have a part and two fifths to write, about 40k words.

Perhaps the solution lies in writing short stories then expanding them into novels once enough thought has been put in them. I am also considering writing these ideas down in this blog, but would not want to burn them by making them public…is that so bad or selfish?


2 responses to “On Writing: Overflooding Ideas

  1. Dmichaleski August 17, 2013 at 3:33 am

    You could work on a collection of short stories and try publishing that? One of my books that I’m going to be making public soon consists of a large number of short stories that all have one person in common and at the end of the book you’ll understand the actions she takes in the first chapter. Are you going to “burn” ideas by making them public? No, because you can make the same type of book I am but have completely different outcomes, characters, ect. Just don’t post the whole book for legal reasons.


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