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On Writing: The Hidden Process

The title of this post is fairly misleading, but I like it and it stays. It has been some time since I had some ‘finished stories’ (do not mistake them for published books or even finished ones) and every once and a while I am forced to return to a section or two of those ‘finished stories’. However, I noticed that the amount of things I wish to change only keep increasing and I am also well aware that my skill so far is inadequate to produce what I want, at least what I think I want.

Amateur writers, such as myself, pick up the hobby and start writing their supposedly brilliant stories, according to them of course, with no regard or idea about how to complete them. Personally, I thought that once the story was written the hard part was over, but I realize now that this is the farthest misconception from truth that I have ever thought of.

I knew that my books were not yet complete although all of the story has been written for these books, but I just realized how far they are from completion once I got a few pages into a book titled ‘The Book of Lost Tales‘ which was written by the great J.R.R.Tolkien and edited by his son, Christopher Tolkien. The book is essentially a collection of some of his tales which are followed by some of his notes about them, including changes, maps and poems. Needless to say that Tolkien is one of the greatest modern fantasy writers of all time and, as an aspiring fantasy author and avid fan, his work is unparalleled, so far. While reading his stories, in spite of their complexion, I noticed that they seemed finished products to me, however, they were far from so in Tolkien’s eyes. This led me to reassess my work with a different perspective and give me a sort of a starting point towards the next process which would get them closer to being complete.

So far I have been at a complete loss about proceeding with the next editing phase for both books, ‘Wolf Emperor’ and ‘Hands of Fate’. Although ‘Hands of Fate’ is nearly finished, there are a few edits that I wish to make to further fine-tine the story. And I decided earlier that the book ‘Wolf Emperor’ would be rewritten as a series of short stories which would describe the formation of the First Nosgardian Empire after the Second Civil War of Man. Nevertheless, these ideas were just the tip of the iceberg.

After circulating the book around and getting a few comments from both friends and strangers, I have amassed a somewhat basic idea to as what the readers think of it, but I also realized that to produce a good piece of writing is to listen to one’s inner voice and not that of the ones around them. That, however, does not mean that I should disregard their comments altogether, just that I should take them into consideration and try to see if i ‘feel’ the same way about them.

I know this haphazard writing style of my posts may seem a little annoying this I will try to remember to keep a little summary note at the end of each post, starting from this one, which would be included in the final paragraph unless a note follows it. What I want to say is that when working on completing your book, long after the story has been completed, you should halt for a moment and forget everything you learn about writing and read what you wrote while paying close attention to how you feel. Simply highlight the parts that you ‘feel’ that you don’t like and when the entire manuscript, draft or section – if you work in a modulated method such as I do – is highlighted, then turn on your writer’s brain and make the edits. That, my readers, is the ‘hidden process’.


2 responses to “On Writing: The Hidden Process

  1. julzwrites August 28, 2013 at 7:15 pm

    I definitely agree! I find that for the most part, i agree with what other people say about my work. But then, there is always those couple of things that i’m not so sure about. I usually just sleep on it and i figure it out eventually. Great post 🙂


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