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On Writing: Conversations

I have been avoiding writing exercises like the plague since I started writing. The idea of sitting through a certain exercise, from a book, blog, website or just a friendly advice, is somewhat of an annoyance to me for reasons I cannot begin to comprehend. Perhaps it is because I just find them boring and a nuisance that would just delay my writing, but I have recently come to a realization that I just want to be a better writer and I am willing to make sacrifices for it.

One of the many criticisms I received was that my written conversations seem odd. I have tried to improve them, make them sound more natural, but I failed to do so as now I even hear them in my head as strange pieces of talk, if that makes any sense. I often try to imagine my characters speaking out loud and find their mannerism even more bizarre.

Yesterday, however, as I was reading ‘Forward the Foundation’ by ‘Isaac Asimov’, I started paying extra attention to the dialogues between his more than elaborate characters. Although it might have, momentarily, taken me away from the spirit of his story, it gave me a great idea to practice writing conversations other than reading them. I thought: what if I hear them first then write them instead of writing them then hearing them.

So today I intend on listening to conversations in movies or shows and writing them down. Perhaps this would be a good exercise that would make conversation writing a little easier a task.


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