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On Writing: Postponed Yet Again

Once again I failed to meet my daily quota for writing. I have come to Istanbul two days ago to prepare for my year living here. I hoped that I would be able to maintain my vigor, but the situation has proven to be far more powerful than my own will and it cost me two days worth or writing. I have, however, made up for it today, but that still does not account for my incapability of adhering to a promise made by myself to myself. I am disappointed.

While traveling harms my writing, it always makes me read more and open my mind to new prospects. It was an interesting experience after all.

For the coming four months I will be attending a rigorous masters program that would consume most, if not all, of my time. It will be interesting to see if I am capable of studying, regularly exercising and writing. This, I believe, will be the ultimate test for my perseverance.


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