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On Writing: The Equation

After writing, as most of you who often write have realized, you can never read a book as you did before. The fact is that whenever you struggle at resolving an issue while writing it becomes an overwhelming thought that constantly returns to you when you least expect it until it is solved. And, of course, reading makes your brain often tread into the direction of this issue. That is, most certainly, vague and requires a more elaborate explanation – for I beg your forgiveness in my inability to properly and simply explain myself.

I remember when I first decided to write, I struggled at a very simple and rather embarrassing grammatical issue, does punctuation come before or after speech quotations. This issue was resolved as soon as I looked at the first page of a book, which I do not recall, I decided to start reading. As your writing progresses and the basic elements are, more or less, subconsciously implemented, more issues arise.

To be more specific, it moves deeper into the ‘there’s no one right way’ section. In other words, you start focusing less on the obvious and more on the hidden, such as character development, plot development or writing style. You start trying to incorporate slight twists in the general rules and slowly begin to feel comfortable breaking them. This, however, is a very dangerous and strenuous task for new writers such as myself.

I am very well aware that I have a long way to go before I can produce a considerably decent piece of work. In fact, I intend to rewrite almost all of my stories once I feel comfortable enough to write at an acceptably decent level. This, however, might never come to be, but I keep my hopes up as should you.

After realizing my shortcomings, I started thinking more about plots and writing styles. I have decided that my language is far too weak for decent fantasy, the type of stories I enjoy writing the most, and will try my lick at science fiction once I am finished with my current project. While being preoccupied over writing style, after reading Tolkien and hopelessly trying to pick up a few tricks from him, I started reading and analyzing different authors. I have then realized that more than not, successful authors tend to stick with one specific equation for their stories which almost never changes. This is when I realized that all what I have been doing was but a simple step in a much longer process that was hidden to me. Every author is unique and every author has her/his own writing equation that, if not already so, is anxiously awaiting to be discovered.

So far my writing has been more influenced by the books I read than my inner voice. It is a grim, but necessary, reality that I must endure until I have written enough to discover my personal writing equation. And I believe that the only way to do so is by writing a great deal. I believe that reading, however, will speed this process.


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