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On Writing: Difficulty in Multitasking

So far I have been fairly free to write whenever I wanted, but the situation quickly changed during these past three months. Having a busy schedule between studying, working and exercising, I can barely find the time to write anymore, unless it is part of the studying or working. In other words, my books have been neglected more then I expected them to be.

For the very first time I can truly understand how much dedication and discipline it takes for writers to write, considering that most writers have other jobs. I have not yet reached an equilibrium level of balancing my daily activities to a degree that I have enough time to write 2k words a day, but I will let you guys know how I did it, if I ever manage to overcome this hurdle.


One response to “On Writing: Difficulty in Multitasking

  1. arranbhansal November 10, 2013 at 12:30 am

    It’s hard to find that happy medium, I’ve been there. I needed a writing break, that does help. Arran


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