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Bleak Reality and Blessed Outcome: An Essay

Sometimes we go through experiences that leave us with questions such as: “Why is this happening to me?” and it feels that life has somewhat turned on us and nothing goes the way we want. It is this sheer resistance that breaks or makes people, depending on how much they can take and to what degree they are willing to adapt.

But these events, although it pains me to say, are an inevitability of reality. They are the core of what we call life and existence. And if you have lived through life for a couple of decades or more without experiencing such events, then you have been living in a bubble sheltering you from this truth.

This desperation, however, should not be cause for alarm; rather it should be celebrated as an opportunity for growth and development. It might be a difficult thing to realize at the time, but when it passes and the subjective emotions associated with a bleak event wither away with the medicine of time, we find ourselves in a position to view the matter in a different light, a constructive light.

There is no reason to linger in hurtful pasts or allow thoughts of deceased actions to haunt our memories and become embodied in unrealistic fears. There is, nevertheless, great cause to shift focus to the future and open your mind to an influx of life-improving knowledge and curiosity.

Once this state of mind is achieved, and experienced at least once, even for a fraction of a second, in its purest form, fear, anger, negativity and all the other barriers to growth subside and any unpleasant experience morphs into an exciting adventure. It is almost a spiritual matter made possible by curiosity and thought.

Then the question: “Why is this happening to me?” becomes: “Why is this happening?” and we lose all what holds us back from ascending beyond animals of logic. We then gain the opportunity and privilege to become animals of knowledge then, with a great deal of constructive thought and experience, we gain yet another opportunity to ascend further into the realm of wisdom.

There must be a thousand and one ways, or more, to prepare for such exhilarating journey, but they all start the same way. They all start with a spark of curiosity which brings upon an insatiable hunger for information and a constant life-long pursuit for knowledge.

Curiosity about oneself is a marvelous way to start this journey, for there is an infinite amount of things that we do not know about ourselves and have no idea how to begin to explore. Each person is different and no accurate generalizations can be made to assess who we really are, as individuals of course.

Among the many activities that can be done to explore this inner being hiding within the shell of our socially-conditioned self are hobbies, for they provide a key to one of the portals leading into our inner-most thoughts and suppressed desires. And that, I strongly believe, is the reason why most good artists are perceived as peculiar; because they know themselves better than the ones around them and accept their true identity to the extent that they proudly and openly recognize it.

But simply exploring yourself is not enough, you should extend the search to exploring others and identifying their true selves rather than the projected ones. Then you would not only learn more about these other individuals and their societies, but about yourself as well, for part of you is the summation of reflections of others about you.

With enough comfort exploring the unknown, you would start to see patterns linking past and current events with one another. These patterns pave the way towards wisdom, which many would agree is the ability to make proper use of knowledge, and towards a more content self.

A new need would then arise and manifest itself among the basic needs, sustenance and shelter, the need for development through knowledge.


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