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On Writing: Finally Finished Book IV

I have finally finished my fourth book, originally called Deliverance Edge, today and felt like sharing. I can clearly see the improvement in my writing, for the thoughts start to flow freely and it feels easier to write them down and express them than it did in the third book.

The moduling outlining technique I spoke of earlier worked fairly well, but it did cause me a major setback when I was forced to leave the book for four months without working on it. I have, however, discovered a new method that I intend to use in my next book, which I have been thinking about for a year or so now. Basically, I will prepare two outlines; one general outline with the direction of the story to be prepared before writing anything, and one detailed outline to be prepared before writing each part. In short, I will further segment the process in a method that is supposed to allow me to stay on track and not get bored. I am already excited!

Stick around and see how this works out. Good luck!


2 responses to “On Writing: Finally Finished Book IV

  1. Lynette Noni January 20, 2014 at 5:49 am

    Congrats on finishing your fourth book – that’s awesome! And also well done for seeing a growth progression in your writing. That’s a great accomplishment – not only that you can recognise it, but also that you have a plan in mind for a new method to keep it happening. Best of luck to you!


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